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Round briquettes with holes
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NORDWIT Lech Kowalewski

Round briquettes with holes

Polish wood briquettes? You will be amazed. Mechanical briquetting rounds briquettes with a hole in the center, was developed by the Czechs. Over time, major manufacturers of briquetting presses, to have the technology, registered their solutions and added to their offerings. Presented briquettes are made on one of the most powerful briquetting presses in the world, Swiss companies Pawert SPM, so we can guarantee genuine Swiss precision of execution. Picket on the piston, which forms a hole in the center of the briquette pressed sawdust even more than in the briquetting without a hole. The briquettes are a super-heavyweight, they are so tightly pressed that are twice heavier than dry wood. This briquettes have a density of more than 1350 kg/m3!, it’s not a joke. Hole in the briquettes, increases the surface area of the combustion, and increases the uniformity of the combustion due to the internal passage of the air.
Absolutely clean and solid fuels. Give them first, quite a lot of air from below and from above the hearth, until they are burning well, then you can reduce your damper opening, and you will feel the full power of warmth. If only your fireplace is able to capture all the heat and bring them back to the living room you will be returned to our briquettes and you'll want more.

We are looking for regional sales representatives, developed regional wood fuels market in Germany, Belgium, Holland, Austria, Switzerland, France, England, Norway, Denmark and Sweden. We guarantee high quality of the briquettes, reservation ordered quantity of briquettes and short delivery times, only full trucks orders. In supply is possible to mix different types of briquettes

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